Electronics Recycling of Minnesota

Backed by insurance, licensed, and registered with the MN PCA.  Full service e-waste collector with drop-off & pick-up services for business & residents.   all materials demanufactured and processed right here in Minnesota.

Electronics Recycling of Minnesota makes it easy to drop-off & responsibly recycle all your old computers, servers, electronic mobile devices, printers, monitors, TVs, large & small household appliances, solar panels, industrial electronics and all other business or residential E-waste. We also provide Certified Data Destruction, ITAD and Hard Drive Shredding.

Conveniently located off Central Avenue, just north of Downtown Minneapolis.

Beyond managing the E-waste problem, sustainability demands we prevent it in the first place. Our mission to maximize reuse, and minimize environmental impact begins at collection and follows a path to extend the useful life of electronic devices. We aim to set the standard for responsible recycling and reuse practices for electronics recycling now, and for our future.

Our Location

1034 3rd Ave NE
Minneapolis, MN 55413



Weekdays:  9 AM to 6PM
Weekends: Noon to 4PM