Electronics Recycling of MN is the end of the line, for secure computer recycling, e-waste disposal and security. A walkthrough of our facility, and demonstration is available at any time. Checkout our full list of Items Accepted for Recycling.

  • Desktop Computer Recycling
  • Laptops, Cell Phones & Tablets Recycling
  • Desktop Hardware & Equipment Recycling

A true no-cost computer recycling solution, with auditable certified data destruction, compliant for all industries (HIPAA, Government, Medical, Card Services, Property Management, and more). FREE Pickup Service is available when recycling more than 5 desktop computers, laptops, servers, networking equipment or combination thereof.

When we recycle your computers, your data never leaves our facility. Electronics Recycling of MN is not dependent on downstream third parties for expert data sanitization or data wiping. Our Aleratec Hard Drive Demolisher, physically shreds & destroys spinning hard disk drives. Using a comprehensive DoD overwriting system, which displaces and replaces information on Solid State hard drives, makes its contents irrecoverable. Both of these processes can be performed on-site, at your location when necessary (additional fees apply).

Data Destruction Certification Levels

Level One: Free
Includes a dated form letter, with brief description of items dropped off/picked up for recycling. A description of our methods for data destruction is included, along with the company or individual information of when and where the equipment was collected.
Level Two: $4 Each
Includes Level 1 form letter, along with device serial numbers, date + method of destruction. You will also receive the names of our technicians involved with your equipment. (Issued at the time destruction is complete. Allow up to 1 week for larger number of items.)
Level Three: $15 Each
Includes everything from Level 1 & 2, along with photos of your destroyed hard- drives and other electronic items.

Regardless of your certification choice, or if no certification is requested, all materials in our care follow the path of data sanitization. Data bearing equipment does not leave our facility without a complete wipe or physical destruction.