Professional Certified Data Destruction and Sanitization is included when recycling any personal identifying media bearing devices received by Electronics Recycling of Minnesota.

Our expert Data Destruction technicians start by removing Hard Disk Drives (HDD), Solid State Drives (SSD), Flash Media (Memory Cards), Floppy Disks or Magnetic Tape Drives, and Enterprise Storage devices, to evaluate their value and reuse potential. 

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End-of-life media storage and hard-drives with sensitive info, are completely destroyed on-site in our warehouse (not transferred to a downstream resource, like many R2 Certified recyclers), in our 150HDD-SSD Drive Shredder. This method physically destroys the media storage device, shattering the exterior structure, leaving behind irrecoverable bits measuring no larger than ⅛ of an inch.  We provide a mobile shredding service that can be performed at your business location or residence, anywhere in Minneapolis or St. Paul.

Electronics Recycling of MN is not dependent on downstream third-parties for data destruction. Your data never leaves our facility. Checkout our full list of Items Accepted for Recycling.


Before any media storage device is sold or transferred, our expert technicians use a Secure Drive Wiping Software (Bitraser) to generate a digitally signed, comprehensive report of erasure, including in-depth details of the overwriting process, which serves as a tamper proof audit trail for regulatory compliance.  The erasure report includes a detailed hardware profile of the erased device and S.M.A.R.T information of the wiped storage drive.


The process and methods in place at Electronics Recycling of Minnesota meet, and in many cases exceed data security audit requirements of NIST 800-88, DoD 5220.22-M, HIPPA, Dept of Homeland Security, US Army AR-380-19 and more.  Regardless of industry, we are your trusted partner for creating data sanitization reports when recycling personal identifying media storage.

Data Destruction Certification Levels

Level 1 - FREE
Includes a dated form letter, with brief description of items dropped off/picked up for recycling. A description of our methods for data destruction is included, along with the company or individual information of when and where the equipment was collected.
Level 2 - $4 Each
Includes Level 1 letter, along with device serial numbers, date + method of destruction. You will also receive the names of our technicians involved with your equipment. (Issued at the time destruction is complete. Allow up to 1 week for larger number of items.)
Level 3 - $15 Each
On-site drive shredding, and/or in-person drive removal with complete BitRaser Wipe-OS report.  Satisfactory for Government, Law Enforcement, HIPPA, a Financial entities; this includes highly comprehensive report of the equipment type erasure report and back test to confirm data is irrecoverable.