Expert Advice Regarding Risk Management: How to Easily Create a Data Destruction Plan That Protects Your Business

Dear Rick:

As a board member and shareholder of a fast-growing business, I insist that we have a plan for the regular and proper disposal of confidential data.

In today’s business environment, this is an area of risk that cannot be put on “the back burner.”  We’ve all read about the catastrophic financial and legal jeopardy that arises when bad actors access confidential business and consumer data. And beyond legal liability, our company has a responsibility to maintain the trust of our customer base.

Rick, can you point me in the right direction to define the elements of such a plan and ensure we have all the bases covered? Our board has charged me with overseeing this project.

I’d appreciate your assistance.

Elizabeth Jones

Greetings, Elizabeth:

You are correct: it is up to management to develop and adhere to a plan for IT Asset Disposition and Hard Drive Shredding, regularly and safely. Responsibly recycling all old computers, servers, electronic mobile devices like tablets, laptops and cell phones, printers, monitors, TVs, industrial electronics and all other e-waste is key to managing the risk associated with managing confidential business and consumer information.

It is EXTREMELY important to properly dispose of confidential data, whether stored digitally or on paper; in fact, in many industries it is the law.  Certified Data Destruction services, such as ours, save your business time and money by coming to your offices for pick up. In fact, many of our business customers arrange for bi-weekly or monthly data destruction.

If I can help with the plan, please contact me at Business Electronics Recycling, or call me at (612) 423-0205.

Please consider us your partner in business risk management.