Electronics Recycling of Minnesota is the only MN PCA registered electronics, computers & e-waste recycling facility that offers Recycling Pickup Services for both residences and commercial businesses. Whether recycling a few computers, TVs, or looking to have your E-waste picked up regularly, ERM is the best full-service recycling option available servicing the entire Twin Cities and surrounding metro area.

Call 612-444-7298 today to schedule a Recycling pickup!

A $35 standard recycling pickup fee is waived when recycling 5 or more PCs/laptops/servers or combination thereof. Distances greater than 20 miles can be serviced for additional fees. Same or next day pickup is often available. Touch free options, and credit card billing are conveniently offered if you cannot be present during loading.

Checkout our full list of Items Accepted for Recycling.

Whether recycling a few items, pallets, or entire truckloads, ERM has the equipment and vehicles to meet any recycling request. Our team will arrive ready to assist with carry-out and loading.

  • Customers should be advised to notify us in advance if any special equipment will be necessary to accommodate heavy or large items.
  • Dock instructions, liftgate needs, or parking instructions for passenger pickup vehicles are helpful when booking.
  • Individuals or groups will often pool recycling together with their neighbors to meet the eligibility for free pickup, and is highly encouraged.